VESmail & VES accounts
What is VESmail?
VESmail is an email utility that employs the patented VES technology to enable end-to-end encryption for all IMAP email accounts.
With what platforms does VESmail work?
VESmail works on macOS, Windows, iOS and Android. It works with all IMAP accounts and any email client/app (except browser-based email viewers)
Are VESmail and VESvault the same thing?
Technically no, but essentially yes from a user experience perspective. VESmail is a distinct product that uses the publicly available VES APIs. VES and VESmail work so harmoniously together that they appear one and the same. Go to the page to learn more about VES and VESvault.
Do I have a VESmail account and a VES account?
Yes. A VESmail account is created through VES, so both accounts are linked through the same email address. But your VES account can also be used with other future 3rd party applications.
Do I need a PIN to use VESmail?
Creating a PIN is required to setup a VESmail account because you need to create a linked VES account in the process, and a PIN is required to create a VES account. But, after creation the PIN is not used in the ongoing use of VESmail.
So I can just discard/forget my PIN after I create a VESmail account?
That would be unwise. You need your PIN to decrypt your VESkey stored on your device, and you need your VESkey to decrypt the copy of your VESmail key stored in the VES Repository. So, if you were to ever lose your VESmail key (i.e., delete the password in your email app) you would need your PIN to retrieve a copy of it. You would also use your PIN to help your friends recovery their lost keys.
If I forget my PIN can I still access my encrypted VESmail emails?
Yes, as long as the only key activity you’ve done is initiate VESrecovery. Your VESmail key is still in your email client password fields and is still fully functional before, during and after VESrecovery. However, DO NOT Re-key your VESmail key (under the Manage My Keys section) while VESrecovery is still in process because it will invalidate the VESmail key stored in your email app.
Is the PIN specific to VES or VESmail?
Can I use different PINs for each new VES/VESmail account?
Yes, but we strongly recommend using the same PIN for all your VES/VESmail accounts on all your devices. In terms of user experience, a single PIN is like having a master key for all your VES/VESmail accounts.
So I shouldn’t forget my PIN?
Try not to. But if you do, you can still recover everything through VESrecovery, assuming you properly set up VESrecovery before you forgot your PIN.
How does VESrecovery work?
Visit and the VES FAQ for information about VESrecovery.
VESmail app
Do I need the VESmail app to use VESmail?
Technically no, but it is, by far, the best and safest way to use VESmail for all situations, including for both personal and enterprise email accounts.
When would someone not use the VESmail app?
Only in very rare enterprise situations, or if for some reason you cannot use the VESmail app on your device. In these cases your device would be connected to a remote VESmail instance (in laymen's terms, an app).
Why use the VESmail app?
VES encryption and decryption occurs on the VESmail instance/app to which you are connected. When you have the VESmail app and set it up properly, that occurs on your device, and you can be sure that VESmail is using end-to-end encryption.
What is SNIF?
It’s a relay in the cloud. SNIF “certifies” your VESmail app which is the same process used to certify the websites you visit. The SNIF connection between your email app and your VESmail app are fully end-to-end encrypted, and hence secure.
Is SNIF used all the time on all platforms?
Yes. On all platforms except iOS, the email app communicates to the VESmail app through the SNIF Relay. For iOS, the VESmail app uses the iOS VPN APIs to create a SNIF VPN tunnel for direct communication between the email app and VESmail.
Does the VESmail app work for multiple email address?
Yes. An unlimited number of IMAP email addresses can be connected to the VESmail app on the device, both Personal and Enterprise.
Does all encryption/decryption for both Personal and Enterprise take place on the local VESmail app on my device?
Yes. Unless there are extenuating circumstances. For example, an enterprise may require that encryption take place on their enterprise VESmail instance. If so, they would help you configure your email app to point to their instance as opposed to the VESmail app on your device.
How would I know where encryption is taking place?
If you see Connection to: Local VESmail App on your Account Manager page you can be sure you are using your local VESmail app for encryption/decryption for that particular account. Note, you must check each account individually because the connection is at the account level and not the device level.
Anything else I need to know about my connection?
You should always see Connection Type: SNIF VPN. If not, there is a problem with your connection to the VESmail app and you should reconfigure your connection by going back to the VESmail app and selecting the ADD EMAIL button.
Does the VESmail app need to be opened to work properly?
No. The VESmail app continues to run in the background, even if you close the app.
Does the VESmail app do anything else?
In addition to being used to start the process to add VESmail accounts to the device on which the VESmail app is loaded, it also allows you to access the VESmail Account Manager webpage for the accounts listed on the VESmail app so you can adjust your settings.
VESmail Account Manager browser page
How do I know a VESmail account is properly connected to the VESmail app on my device?
To view your VESmail connection and encryption settings on the Account Manager page, you need to use the browser link generated by the local VESmail app. Go to the VESmail app and select the settings wheel next to the email address in question. You will then need your PIN to access the Account Manager page. Under the VESmail Connection & Encryption section, you should see Connection to: Local VESmail app and Connection Type: SNIF VPN. If you don’t see these settings there is likely a problem.
How do I get to the VESmail Account Manager page for my account?
Assuming your VESmail account has been created using the VESmail app, the app can be used to access the special URL in your browser to securely access your Account Manager page. Open the app and select the settings wheel to the right of the account you wish to access. If the email accounts are not displayed on the VESmail app, select the ADD EMAIL button and type in your email address. This will open the Account Manager page using the special, secure browser URL.
What if I have multiple VESmail accounts and want to switch from one to the next – do I have to go back to the VESmail app?
No. Just select the Select other account option from the top right drop down menu bar in the header. It will take to you to a VES authentication page listing every available account. Select it to get to the Account Manager page for that account.
How do I know if my account is personal or enterprise?
On the Account Manager page under the VESmail Connection & Encryption section, the Account Type will be either personal or enterprise.
How do I create an enterprise account?
Unless you are the owner of the enterprise instance for your enterprise organization, the only way is through an invitation to join the enterprise VESmail group. The administrator creates a list of users that are allowed to join the enterprise instance and a secure invitation link is emailed to each user. The users must accept the invitation to join the enterprise. This can happen before or after the VESmail app is installed and before or after the email app is configured with the VESmail settings.
How do I know if my account is connected to an enterprise?
Your VESmail account is always displayed in the upper right portion of the banner. If you are connected to an enterprise you will see the name of the enterprise immediately to the left of your email account with a dash separating the two. You will also see Account Type: Enterprise on the VESmail Account Manager page.
What if I mistakenly connect to a wrong enterprise?
You can disconnect from this wrong enterprise in the Advanced > section of the VESmail Connection & Encryption section of the VESmail Account Manager page. Your account will be converted from Enterprise to Personal in the process.
How do I then connect to the correct enterprise?
The administrator of the enterprise to which you wish to connect must send you an email with a connection link.
What if I want to stop using VESmail with my email?
There is a two-tiered answer to this. First, you can very quickly make your VESmail account INACTIVE. This option is available under the Advanced > section of VESmail Connection & Encryption on the VESmail Account Manager page. INACTIVE turns off VES encryption and essentially renders your VESmail account to an email account not using VESmail. However, your email client will still be connected to the VESmail app. If you want to go further, the second tier would be to change the settings on your email client to point directly to your email server and bypass the VESmail app.